PRIVACY POLICY values the privacy of its users. Reading the following will come handy for understanding Privacy Policy. The personal information submitted by the users are highly valuable to For better understanding and comprehension of the information, has links to various other foreign websites. The information pertaining to Privacy Policy and other information displayed on this website does not hold good for other websites. In case, there arises any need for you to know about a piece of information relevant to their website, contacting them directly is suggested.


We aspire to follow the guidelines while we procure your personal information. By using this website and by making use of any of our services, you agree to allow us to have your personal information. We request all our esteemed users to read this Privacy Policy carefully, so that in case of any doubts and dispute the information of the Privacy Policy helps.

GATHERING AND USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION collects and uses only those relevant information which are submitted by the users by their own choice. This contains only personal information of the users such as their name, age, email id etc. and all its institutions will make use of the information only when there is a request for information on behalf of the user. The main objective is to make our services better for our users. Thus, in order to contact you this piece of information is vital. Without your knowledge, will never leak out any information regarding you.


In order to judge and compare the performance of our own website regarding quality and services, several survey programmes are conducted by us like many other such organisations. During such times, we do collect certain information about our users which do not directly come under the purview of personal information. This kind of information is regarding the user’s internet connection, or the use of any particular browser, or the kinds of pages viewed and accessed by the users. This is known as Non Personal Information, and the identity of the users does not at all get revealed by collecting and using this information. It solely directs towards improvising the website and its services.


The files that analyse the web traffic are known as cookies. They are sent to the user’s web browser and are subsequently stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer. It is prime to mention here that does not make use of these cookies. It doesn’t send these files to its users’ browsers. however uses web beacons which are graphic images, transparent in nature that are usually placed on websites or emails in order to track down and record user’s actions. This enables us to determine users’ activities and their browsing nature while they are logged on to our website. In the process there could be advertisements displayed.

NOT FOR UNDER 13 doesn’t entertain or allow the use of its website by children who are below 13 years of age. Every user ought to submit his /her personal information before accessing the website. In case, when a child below 13 years wants to know about certain information, s/he must do so under the guidance and aid of a parent or guardian.


Well, has implemented all types of technological measures and techniques to keep up the safe, security and privacy of your personal data, so that it does not land on the hands of miscreants and unauthorised people. Our users are also authorised to access their respective personal information data on paying a meagre amount of money. They can also request correction of any piece of information which they deem as incorrect or inappropriate. This is done absolutely free of any cost.

Whom To Contact: In case of any query regarding the policies furnished above, please send across a mail